In this episode we hear from a world renowned aerobatics pilot, from when he was a little bit too excited to get somewhere and it didn’t go as he had expected.


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Above are pictures of the actual Sukhoi flown in the story.

Nikolay Timofeev

Nikolay Timofeev

The Following is quoted from Nikolay’s website. You can find more information about him and his business there.

Nikolay earned his Masters Degree in both Aeronautical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. He was also one of the Engineers who worked on the development of the SU-26M for Sukhoi.

1991: His first visit to the USA was as part of the SU-26 Demonstration team that performed at Oshkosh.
1992: He won his 1st World Unlimited Aerobatic Championship title in France. He also attended the Las Vegas December meeting of ICAS (International Council of Air Shows) as the guest of a US friend.
1994: He competed in the Brietling Grand Prix at Sanford, FL.
1995: He won his 2nd World Aerobatic Unlimited Championship title in South Africa. He also competed in the Breitling Grand Prix in Miarmar, CA.
1996: He competed in the World Unlimited Aerobatic Championship at Oklahoma City. It is here that he became World Champion for the 3rd time.
1997: He won the Gold Medal at the World Air Games held in Turkey.
1998: He worked as the head coach for ICAT (International Center of Aerobatic Training) organized by Susan Kaster. The coaching staff consisted of John Lillberg, Allan Cassady, Patrick Paris and Xavier De Lapore. ICAT developed three training bases in the US: Dunnellon, FL; Coolege, AZ; Chariton, IO.

In 1998 at the Dunnellon training base, Nikolay met world class guitarist and aerobatic pilot Steve Morse who flies a YAK 55. Steve took several lessons from Nikolay. Things were declining in the amount of work Nikolay was able to get in the aviation industry in Russia. Steve subsequently convinced Nik to move to the US and in the year 2000, Nikolay and his plane came to Shady International Airport, Ocala, FL. His family arrived at the end of May that same year.

ICAT has since disbanded, however Nikolay’s experience prior to and during his work with ICAT has led him to design, develop, and implement his current project “Hi-Tech Aerobatics” where his highly developed, technically precise skills are taught to high caliber, serious aerobatic pilots from around the world.

Nikolay continues to stay on the cutting edge of competition aerobatic training by constantly developing new and unique teaching methods for performing precise, power-on, positive and negative accelerated spins and other equally demanding competition aerobatic maneuvers.

Nikolay now performs in Air Shows around the world. He also teaches training clinics to serious aerobatic pilots, and performs the best top level maintenance and engineering on most, if not all, Sukhoi 26’s, 29’s, 31’s and many YAK’s in the USA.

His training camps are currently being held throughout the USA, Canada, Brazil, Czech Republic and elsewhere to accommodate these aerobatic professionals who wish to sharpen their skills.

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