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Pilots are told to trust their instruments, but today Dr. Cass Howell will read us a story he wrote about when trusting them might have become dangerous.

While LORAN systems can have some advantages over GPS, many of the master stations needed to support it have been decommissioned today. Also, a lack of advancements using the radio navigation inevitably lead to the decline of the technology to make way for Digital GPS Instruments.


Above is the model of the Beechcraft that Dr. Howell flew during his story, and owned for several years.


Dr. Cass Howell

Today Dr. Howell is the Associate Dean of the Aviation at Embry-Riddle Daytona Beach.

Dr. Howell read from a book he contributed towards entitled Eagle Tales, Accounts of Embry-Riddle Professors before they were Faculty. The Book features a lot of short stories from many professors on campus and is put together By Joe Clark, who we’ll hear from next time.


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