This time we hear from a WWII era air-force veteran and he’s going to tell us what it was like to grow up with aviation in the 1930 and we’ll listen his experiences while in the air-force and as he tried to find every little bit of time that he could to fly. Our storyteller will also share some of his war stories, which are stories from his flying career that were more eventful than all the others.


Above is the 10 hours of flight time that our story teller had with the Air-Force during basic training, You can see he started the training on January 3, 1944.


That’s our storyteller and his wife Patricia after he returned home for a visit after his basic training.


Above is the logbook entry when our story teller earned his pilot’s license in his Boeing Stearman.


On the top row of the logbook above you can see where our storyteller earned his commercial pilot’s license.



Above are some pictures that our story teller took of the airplanes he flew, you can see his Stearman in the top set, and the C-124 and C-47 in the bottom set.


Bill Doty


Here’s Bill’s Beechcraft Bonanza. Bill is still a certified mechanic so he was doing his own annual when we came to visit him.


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