DSC_4603Lucas Weakley
EAA# 1130133

 Ever since I was a little kid I have been fascinated by flight. I built countless numbers of model rockets and airplanes when I was younger and continue to today. Being apart of EAA chapter 812 and going to several air expos like Sun n’ Fun and Oshkosh have really opened me up to all the possibilities in the general aviation field. I am working towards my pilots licence, but still have a ways to go. Currently I am enrolled at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University studying aeronautical engineering in the hopes to one day design and build my own aircraft. I am also a freelance videographer and have created projects for magazine companies and book publishers. The LogBook is my new project. I wanted to incorporate aviation some how, and knowing how much I love stories I would hear from the people I would meet at aviation events, it was easy to decide what to do. As the community behind The Logbook grows we will hear stories from increasingly interesting people, but I’m still not forgetting where I came from. So far, I’m collecting stories from my friend that live close to me here in central Florida. I would love to branch out to more place and record stories from all around the country and interview people from all background, but the LogBook will also never belittle a story. There is always something to learn from someone, that’s why every story is important. I can’t wait to see where this show ends up, and I hope you feel the same!