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41 – Flying Persistently Southwest

Today we’re listening to Tracy Farley, as she explains how she went from just trying to get over her fear of flying and heights by taking a few piloting lessons, to now sitting in the right seat of a 737 flying for SouthWest.


39 – The Rest of the Prebuy

Today we have a returning storyteller, Don Sebastian is going to share a few more PreBuy stories and will also give us a look into how he inspects airplanes remotely and teaches classes on how to do it too!


36 – Little Bitty Transoceanic Ferrying

Ever wonder how american general aviation airplanes get over to Europe? Well, of course they could be shipped, but the better way is to just fly them over and today Lynn O’Donnell tell us how she crossed over the atlantic ocean in small aircraft 52 times in 3 years!