This time we hear several stories from an ultralight flying couple about their most interesting flights, but before that here’s the daredevilish way our first storyteller got into flying

Below are some of the backpack paramotors similar to the ones featured in the stories. The gliders themselves are on the back wall to the left stored in their stuff sacks.


Below is a two seater, powered weight shift hang glider, similar to the ones mentioned in the story, except this one is still in one piece!


Sometimes a paramotor will be attached to a trike to help pilots who don’t want to or can’t run with a motor strapped on.



Gary and Jan Emrick


Above are some of the other toys Gary and Jan have in their hangar, there are even some cars on the other side of the space. Below, is Gary’s machine shop. He had some of the coolest tools and you could basically build anything in there. Being an engineer, I really wish I had access to a place like that, let alone own it!


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