This time we hear from a P-51C Flight Experience pilot, about what goes into giving rides in a P-51, and some of the interesting people he flew.


The P-51C mentioned in the story, is a very rare and coveted airplane. P-51’s are very rare as is, and the version before the D model (with the bubble canopy), that’s still flying is almost impossible to find. There are only two that I know of, one is of course from the Collings Foundation, and another (which I have actually seen in person) is owed by Kermit Weeks of Fantasy of Flight. Below are some images courtesy of the Collings Foundation of their P-51C that our storyteller flies.










Bob Blankenship


Above is Bob’s Cub he flies around for fun, and below is a look at his Beechcraft Bonanza he was servicing that day.



Above is a mural that Chuck Mosely (From Episode 13 – All Coast Aircraft Recovery) painted on the wall of Bob’s hangar of the P-51C he gets to fly for the Collings Foundation. Bob also has other artwork of that P-51 all around his house, including the painting at the top of this article.

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  • Good episode. Didn’t know about your organization. Wondering were you get parts? Are they N registered? Type ratings to fly, or a letter of authority? Thank for the chat, guys

  • […] Tracy had several incredible flight experiences including her flight in a stearman in 1998, as seen above. She was also gifted an hour in a P-51 which she said was probably the best hour piloting an airplane that she has ever had. You can learn more about P-51 experience flights from Episode 20 of the LogBook (20 – P-51C Experience Flying). […]

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