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11 – The Gummers

This episode we hear some airplane testing stories from the youngest pilot of an airline flight test group, who was 59 at the time.

10 – Endurance Month

This time we hear from two women who will share a few stories about writing books about airparks in the US and how they were both challenged to fly every day for a full month.

09 – The 1931 Barnstorming Flight of a Lifetime

This time we hear from a WWII era air-force veteran and he’s going to tell us what it was like to grow up with aviation in the 1930 and we’ll listen his experiences while in the air-force and as he tried to find every little bit of time that he could to fly. Our storyteller will also share...

06 – Jump or Land?

In this episode we listen to a story of a pilot’s decision while flying his crippled aerobatic aircraft, in whether to jump out or attempt to land it.

04 – Homesick Angel

In this episode we hear a very inspirational story from a relatively new pilot, about how she was able to get her pilot’s license and how flying is accessible to anyone.

03 – Hijacked To Cuba

In this episode we listen to three stories from another active couple in the aviation community, the first is about learning how to fly and skydiving in the 1950s. Next, we’ll hear about a hijacking to Cuba, and finally we’ll listen to how this couple met through aviation and aerobatic...

01 – Late For Dinner

Featured Image Source: CBS Channel 8 In this episode we hear a few stories by a very active couple in the aviation community. The first story is about an emergency landing on a busy road, then we hear about a crash landing in an aerobatic aircraft, and finish the episode off with the Stearman ride...

00 – The Log Book Podcast Introduction

Everytime I go to some aviation event I don’t think its possible to leave without a good story. Storytelling is enjoyed by all ages, especially in the aviation community where stories are the main way to share one’s experiences when off the ground. While listening to The LogBook...