In this episode we hear about some of the incredible things that flying can expose a pilot too, and we learn about getting into aerobatics and the effects of high G maneuvers.


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Zakynthos Island, Greece. The water is so clear, it looks like the boat is floating in the air.


I was only able to find a few pictures that illustrated what was mentioned in the story about boats floating on invisible water, and although all of these seem like they were taken from another boat, you can see how this illusion would be amplified.

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Here is a good example of a full circle rainbow, and they’re also pretty common to see during a commercial flight if the conditions are right and you happen to be on the correct¬†side of the airplane.


Here are two of the trophies that were won by our storyteller for US National championships. Below are some images of the Sukhoi Model 31 that was mentioned in this story.






Pete Eslick

Below is a picture of Pete with his Drobo, which is a brand of resophonic guitars that Pete is learning how to play.



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